Sunday, February 23, 2014

Why the young people should benefit from Green Economy.

The whole world is singing to the tune of green economy with the most developed nations this being part of their daily lives and to the upcoming nations, it is a new idea that can even take some time to develop. Every human wants water to be conserved, lights to be put off especially when it is not in any usage and use less than two pieces of cooking charcoal and in real sense, no one who will support wastage and extravagance. But this is exactly what the green economy is all about. Basically, green economy is where there is an improved well-being and social equity while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities, an economy where every human is benefiting from the Mother Nature in one way or the other. It is the proper utilization of the available natural resources. The highest population of today’s world is said to be the young people with still most of them being jobless. That does not mark the end of their entrepreneurship innovativeness. They still have a chance to participate in green activities for the bettering of their lives and those of their communities. The road towards Green Economy starts from where they are now. These youth are the upcoming brain children of today’s world. But most of them seem to have lost direction in life and that is why they keep on hopping in their careers and at the end to have lost focus in what they really want in their lives. They need green counseling for real. Most of them are in the rush of owning an iPhone4. But how many of them access for available green business opportunities? How many of these young people look for tenders to supply tree seedlings to a certain community or organization? Young boys and girls want to be seen entering offices while on white collar jobs but none of them who seem to wear an overall and go to farm and start a small agro-forestry business. They seem to be blind about available green opportunities but instead read news all day long about how football is. There are so many natural resources especially in Africa and a lot needs to be harnessed and properly used. Green products, knowledgeable society and good policies and governance structures are the key success to the Green Economy. We need government that can come up with regulations that are user-friendly for the youth and even support them to seek for funding from financial institutions. Green Economy does not mean that we do not exploit the natural resources but we use them sustainably. The involvement of the youth in the green economy will add value in the achievement of Millennium Development Goal of ensuring environmental sustainability by the end of the year 2015. This will lead to the recognition of the young in attaining these goals. It is high time that the young generation to bring heads together and think of available green opportunities and to come up with new green initiatives and innovations. As a beneficiary of the future generation, I have a big hope that much is going to be changed by the current young people. There is a need to recognize young people and should be the best role models who can lead by example. Such young people should be given the chance to exhibit their passion especially those who have it towards safeguarding the entire universe.

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  1. We can share more about community based environmental management while we can borrow so much from what is happening in Rwanda. thanks a lot


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