Saturday, July 16, 2016

#TravelGarissa - Holidays are nearing and that every family wants to enjoy their holidays in the best ways. There are some of the five star hotels and beautiful sceneries that you never hear of when it comes to Garissa. We have regained peace and our security has been beefed up. To all our visitors who want to come and have fun, I wish to recommend the best hotels in Garissa. Where you can enjoy both indoors and outdoors. Today, my focus is on the Hotel industry and this industry plays a very vital role in our development and prosperity as a County. They make us and our visitors to enjoy more at home thus enable us work from anywhere. To all the investors and business community members who play a significant role in improving how we do our businesses and ensuring that we have facilities that can deliver, we are proud of you and celebrate you. The business, employment and investment opportunities that you create has put us on the limelight as one of the fastest growing towns in Kenya. The state of art hotels are here to make your lodging experience as pleasing as possible. The hotel consists of standard, executive, premium and deluxe suites with elegantly designed interiors for those who prefer a longer stay at the hotel. To those who to have a cup of camel milk tea, these are the ideal places to be. Karibuni Sana Garissa; Welcome to Garissa. The list is endless. For further information on the hotel of your choice, please contact: 1. Lantern Resort P.O.Box 45-70100, Garissa Tel: 0713-749-991 or 0774-988-885 and 2. Almond Hotel on 0711-829899- email: web 3. Nomads Hotel on +254728714084; +254737379324

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Garissa town is one of the fastest growing towns here in Kenya and East Africa. Increase in population equally means doubling of waste gener...