Sunday, February 23, 2014

Campaign materials a great threat to our environment.

It is campaign period here in Kenya and the streets look beautiful in white printed posters with politicians and to-be politicians on suits. Each aspirant wants to be noticed and heard in the loudest voice. From printing of mass posters to stickers and street banners and playing of audio music in their SUVs, they will try all possible means to campaigns. New fresh blood of leadership is needed indeed. But that does not mean that we neglect our immediate surroundings. From the old to the young all want to vie for the available positions for the new government. None of them seems to care much of our environment when in the United States of America President Barack Obama campaign team ensured that they use the latest available of technology. From sending of text messages to phone calls and even sending of tweets, they were very conservative on environmental issues. Things are different here in Kenya. The target audiences mostly reside in the rural areas unlike in the US where everyone is in a State. Imagine campaign in a location with no electricity and no network accees. In fact it is a headache. This encourages the politicians to take advantage to increase their publicities. The parliament that could pass laws has been dissolved and thus the power of most authorities is just low. They forget that their first task is to hire private companies to clean up the mess when they report to office. Few hired individuals do not have any respect for any persons’ property whether private or public. They pin posters all over. When the owners discover this has been done, they get mad and pluck off the posters sending back it to the streets as wastes. When holding public rallies too, the use big public addresses systems generating a lot of noise. Noise above 8 decibels is harmful to the hearing system of human beings. They should be regulated and generated at a low land safe levels. I believe there is a need we take the lead and campign peacefully with the best technologies to protect our environment. We should encourage good practices in our promotional materials. We should also promote peaceful elections. Lets stay in a peaceful and a habitable environment.

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