Sunday, December 17, 2017

Forgotten Dump sites

Garissa town is one of the fastest growing towns here in Kenya and East Africa. Increase in population equally means doubling of waste generated. I wish to challenge each and every resident to take responsibility at household or institutional level to manage and clean up their waste. On my daily routine this morning, I came across a forgotten and neglected dump site. It is located around Township CDF Offices and the old UNICEF Offices in Garissa. Someone somewhere needs to wake up and clean this mess. All the designated dumping sites should be mapped so as to allow easy garbage collection. This is the current State of Environment in this neighbourhood.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Dadaab Rising

Behind the Wheels is back from Dadaab. Indeed Dadaab is rising. Despite hosting the world's largest Refugee Camps, this place is the next big town after Garissa. It is one of the fastest growing towns and the locals have invested so much making it habitable for the residents. There is a somali saying, "There is no problem, Dadaab is evergreen" A place to call second home. This is Hanshi Palace Hotel. It has changed the entire area.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Minerals in Garissa County

Behind the Wheels Season 1 Episode 2 continues to Libahlow village in Balambala Sub-County. This time my focus is on minerals around this area. Garissa County is blessed with natural resources with area having murram, gemstones, forests, wildlife and above all sand. We are self sufficient and it is time that we be self-reliant. The magnitude of resources available is enough for prospering this county. We can develop ourselves if at all right investments are made in the right places and purposely for the right people.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Farms Tour Edition- A day well spent at Wathajir Farm and I wanted to find out what blocks our farmers from ensuring Food Security and accessing markets. Garissa County is capable of feeding the entire nation.Just on a light note,farms have poor infrastructure,lack of roads, water canals, destruction by wildlife especially hippos,lack of extension services and the kind of lifestyles and above all lack of other sources of income by our farmers. Most of the farms are group owned and farmers do not have the capacity both skills and financial to enhance food production.They have a lot of hope and alot of expectations from the County Government of Garissa hoping that things will change and there will be better tomorrow. They deserve better roads, markets, farm inputs, equipment, training and financial support. It is my prayer that the Government of the day will prioritize the plight of our farmers.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

#TravelGarissa - Holidays are nearing and that every family wants to enjoy their holidays in the best ways. There are some of the five star hotels and beautiful sceneries that you never hear of when it comes to Garissa. We have regained peace and our security has been beefed up. To all our visitors who want to come and have fun, I wish to recommend the best hotels in Garissa. Where you can enjoy both indoors and outdoors. Today, my focus is on the Hotel industry and this industry plays a very vital role in our development and prosperity as a County. They make us and our visitors to enjoy more at home thus enable us work from anywhere. To all the investors and business community members who play a significant role in improving how we do our businesses and ensuring that we have facilities that can deliver, we are proud of you and celebrate you. The business, employment and investment opportunities that you create has put us on the limelight as one of the fastest growing towns in Kenya. The state of art hotels are here to make your lodging experience as pleasing as possible. The hotel consists of standard, executive, premium and deluxe suites with elegantly designed interiors for those who prefer a longer stay at the hotel. To those who to have a cup of camel milk tea, these are the ideal places to be. Karibuni Sana Garissa; Welcome to Garissa. The list is endless. For further information on the hotel of your choice, please contact: 1. Lantern Resort P.O.Box 45-70100, Garissa Tel: 0713-749-991 or 0774-988-885 and 2. Almond Hotel on 0711-829899- email: web 3. Nomads Hotel on +254728714084; +254737379324

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

For my 10 years in Conservation, while delivering services to the People of Garissa County, traveling from terrain to train, getting stuck in the mud, sitting down with the communities, the long stories and tales from our elder not forgetting the usual camel milk and the evening tea. The biggest treasure that I have come across is the beautiful names of our towns. The long maintained tradition and culture that has never changed. If you have never known this, you really need to know it today. Just imagine of how lovely they are and named after natural resources. From wildlife, to plants to even rocks. Very touching names. Indeed this is for the love of Nature. Our Communities are Conservationists. They take care of the environment. To each and every member of this great county who has taken the responsibility to ensure that our tree and other resources are safe, may you be blessed. The weather we are enjoying and the clean air is because of your enthusiasm and courage to stand up for our resources. And to those who have come up with these names, we are proud of you. For the honour of each and every person who has given these names, I will make sure that all these towns are branded and marketed and that the whole world is aware. With each town and the natural resources that is available documented. Just to mention our beautiful landscapes, our culture that has never changed, our wildlife and many more. I have shared with some of the local names and some of the scientific names that I could manage to get. To begin with, Garissa comes from the tree (Garas- Dobera glabra), Abakdera (Tall Acacias), Garasweino – The big Dobera glabra), Ohiyo, Kamuthe, Bura, Balambala (Balambal), Shanta Abaq – Five Acacias, Kulan - balanites aegyptiaca, Abakaile- Acacias, Libahlow – Lions, Danyere- (Danyer)- Monkeys, Hadley - Vultures, Qoni, Atheyley- Salvadora persica, Hagadera- (Hagar-dera- Tall Commiphora Africana), Dagahley – Rocks, Elan- Henna tree- Lawsonia inermis). Damajale – Commiphora candidula , Labisigale - Dusty Baobab, Waberi- Sunrise, Galbet- Galab- Evening Sunset, Mathagesi- Head of a Buffalo and finally Boni- The indiginous Somali community - The Hunters and the Gatherers. Our County is such a beautiful place to see, travel, discover and tell the world. It is enough to explore and toured. #TembeaGarissa

Forgotten Dump sites

Garissa town is one of the fastest growing towns here in Kenya and East Africa. Increase in population equally means doubling of waste gener...