Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Join me today in planting Million Trees for Garissa County.

My names are Abdikadir Aden Hassan, I am a young Kenyan Environmental Ambassador from Garissa County, North Eastern Region. I need your support in planting a Million Trees for Garissa County. Trees are vital for a healthy environment as they provide shade, clean the air and help combat climate change. They provide habitat for animals and plants and help protect our water catchments. The time to plant trees is now. Together we can keep our counties, our country and the whole world green and a better place to live in. I believe with very little we can transform the world. JOIN ME TODAY TO PLANT A MILLION TREES FOR GARISSA COUNTY. Abdikadir Aden Hassan Peace and Environment Ambassador, P.O. Box 1632 Code: 70100 Garissa, Kenya, East Africa Cell: +254-724-400646/+254-752-300363/+254-738-422390 “Please consider the environment; do you need to print this Blog?

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