Monday, June 22, 2015

Last evening , I was honoured to receive my Queen’s Young Leaders Award 2015 from Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace.The Queen’s Young Leaders Award Programme discovers, celebrates and supports exceptional young people from across the commonwealth, leaving a lasting legacy for Her Majesty the Queen. This has been a lifetime moment for me and to all those who have been very supportive to my Environmental Conservation work. It is an achievement not only to me but to the People of the Republic of Kenya and The Commonwealth at large. This was a great opportunity to meet the members of the Royal family such as Prince Andrew, The Duke of York, Princess Beatrice, the Duke of Gloucester and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent,Sir John Major (Former UK Prime Minister), Rob Brydon, Duncan Bannatyne and John Bishop. Other personalities include The one football legend David Beckham, Kenyan Ambassador to the UK H.E Amb.Lazarus Amayo, UK Comedian David Williams, Steve McQueen, Film Director and many others. It was a one on one meeting with the Queen. Not everybody who gets to meet the Queen but she is just so simple. What I noticed from her is that she is connected to Kenya and loves our beautiful country. This has been followed by an interview with the BBC. I wish to sincerely pass my heartfelt appreciation to all those who have been grateful to me and have been with me, offered all the moral support I needed. This could not have possible without you all. Special regards go to my entire family for their inspiration and offering me the platform to do what I love doing most; Taking care of Mother Nature. I wish to also say thank you all to all those developmental partners whom we have worked together over a decade now. Thank you to all those whom have in one way or the other impact on my life.

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